Young Invisalign

How many of you out there have a problem with your teeth? By problem I mean with appearance. Is it obvious to everyone or just yourself? I ask because my lady’s “problem” is one only she see’s in my opinion. If she didn’t tell you. You would probably never even notice it. If you did…

Case of the Giggles

We all have those moments when something just sets off our funny bone. I’m not talking about a little hehe, haha neither. You know how it is you just can’t stop laughing. Any gesture someone makes you’re giggling. A sound, a face, a noise, if a box fall over. You get what I’m saying. In…

Hattori With It

Hattori is a warrior with a purpose. What would that purpose be? Some ask and some tell. Not all know, not even Hattori. Not much for words this one. Just about that action. Hattori is always about that action.

These Challenges

So my fiance, and I are doing these challenges on our channel. This is just one of the few. I get blown out in this one. There will be many more to come though. We can just acknowledge Beyonce isn’t necessarily a field a I specialize in.

Back For Real This Time

What’s up world. I’m going to be back on here for real. I will be posting weekly. I’m finally, finally, finally in a better space. I have a lot and I mean a lot I’m working on right now. From my youtube channel, my book, mini animation, this site, and my actual job it’s a…