These Challenges

So my fiance, and I are doing these challenges on our channel. This is just one of the few. I get blown out in this one. There will be many more to come though. We can just acknowledge Beyonce isn’t necessarily a field a I specialize in.

Check the Channel

Hey guys. Got my channel up and running. There is definitely going to be content coming on a regular basis. Whether it’s through the channel or a post on here. Everyone who is interested will definitely be updated.


Another great piece by the man who did my book cover AthenaWyrm. This piece uses the characters from the Fire Emblem universe. If you all enjoyed it check out more of his work here.

Dexter’s Laboratory

This piece is by sakimichan. A childhood favorite Dexter’s Lab. Dexter and Dee Dee. This is how good I fantasize myself at being when it comes to making pictures. I look at some of her work and wonder why I didn’t start drawing sooner. She has plenty more at her gallery. Check her out.…