Young Invisalign

How many of you out there have a problem with your teeth? By problem I mean with appearance. Is it obvious to everyone or just yourself? I ask because my lady’s “problem” is one only she see’s in my opinion. If she didn’t tell you. You would probably never even notice it. If you did notice it, I bet you wouldn’t speak on it because it is so minor that it’s not even worth mentioning. Well my lady decided to address her problem with INVISALIGN. You know those invisible braces. Only they are painfully obvious. If not more convenient to have over braces considering you can remove them at your leisure. Apparently you have to have them on 22 hours a day. Those other 2 hours you can free ball it, or free teeth in this case. Saying that out loud doesn’t sound as good. Anyway let her tell you more. Our vlog is down below.1.PNG


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