One Piece Characters of Choice

My characters of choice would be Roronoa Zoro and Kuzan Aokiji. I’ve always been a fan of sword wielding characters katanas in particular. People will see that in my character Cypher. As for Aokiji he is like the Iceman I always wanted to see in X-Men. He is simply Iceman done right. Those are easily my favorite characters in the One Piece universe. Please let me know yours in the comments below.zorokiji


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  1. Off topic Annoying person says:

    One piece has 724 episodes and I think they are making stories within stories and the creator is focused on creating one piece obsessed zombie like individuals who only care about one piece eliminating all feeling for other animaes in general because of the mere fact that after indulging into this particular animae it may or may not leave you with the feeling of this one being superior over the others which is not fair at all and I hate it because I like other animaes and I want to watch others too how can you watch others if you have 724 episodes to watch that would take over a year to watch lol. If you did one a day…. LIke a responsible adult right lol and not do a cram session where you don’t sleep eat or leave the room until it’s over?


    1. XScripted says:

      I don’t think Oda Eiichiro(Author of One Piece) is so much obsessed with making zombies as he is with making a story with many interwoven elements. When I first watched One Piece it had 410 episodes I believe. I can’t remember how many manga chapters it had at the time. I watched in moderation. I like binge watching things, but I get what you’re saying it is lengthy. I just credit that to how huge his world is and how great he knows his characters. The character growth is probably one of the best things about One Piece. I would binge watch/read an arc in One Piece then check out any other animes in between them. One Piece is in the minority with its length. Most animes range from about 13-26 episodes depending on Seasons. Even with me being all caught up in One Piece I won’t go read/watch it for like a month or two. Because I like binge watching. I won’t lie I tend to see One Piece better than some anime mainly because I feel more connected to it. After 700+ episodes and 800+ chapters its hard not to lol. I don’t discount other animes though. I’d say Gurren Lagann and Code Geass are among my favorites and they were no where near as long. I watched both after One Piece. I know this a long response, but I hope it helped some lol.


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