Civil Right Legends AKA Professor MLK and Magneto X

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There are people in the vast majority that don’t know that Marvel Creator Stan Lee, mirrored the X-Men after the civil rights movement. Two great men during that era played protagonists and antagonists at times.

Martin Luther King, AKA MLK, AKA Professor MLK was much like the Professor X many have read in the comics or watched in the movies. Like the vast majority again though, most only knew of the pacifist MLK they like to push in our history books. His views turned more radical and ultimately led to his assassination.

Malcolm X, AKA Magneto X was a brother in arms for MLK. Their views widely differed for some time. You have X who believed we blacks as a people should not only come together, but get things done by any means necessary when we do.

For those who want to know more about these men. Most have to take an elective in school or do their own research. Only a brief time is spent in the history classes on these two, and only a bit of light is shed on them during this month of February. It’s unfortunate that they played such a huge role in the history we have in America today for not only blacks, but other people of color as well. As hard as they have worked very little has changed for the most part. Some may not agree with that statement, but I still see a lot of what went on then go on now. It may not be in the same shape or form, but I’m not ignorant enough to believe that my people are really getting treated any differently. Deception is a tool this country uses very well.



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  1. Marie says:

    So I have a question seeing how Stan Lee mirrored the xmen after the civil right movement would that mean that seeing how professor x was in a wheel chair and he wanted to try to work together with the humans and fought for equality I may not have it all right but you get what I’m saying … and magneto was all about the brotherhood ,separation etc seeing that he took that from real occurrences who would you say was the one that had the better mentality towards their reality?


    1. XScripted says:

      I would say overall Magneto was a bit more extreme compared to Malcolm, but Malcolm definitely had a better mentality towards his reality. He was all about trying to get blacks to build our own. He wanted us as a people to stop wasting our time, effort, and money to gain acceptance from those who were not going to accept us. The Dream Martin had was just that a dream. The minority of those in the white community that shared Martins ideals were just so few and far between. It was like a snail racing against a turtle. Both of their objectives would take time, Martins just wasn’t as realistic. Malcolm wanted us to own our things, and build our own so that we could get out of that slave mentality. The need to depend on them and to keep playing victim when things don’t work was not getting us anywhere. He wanted to start within our communities and move forward from there.


  2. marie says:

    I was prepared to debate you “Xscripted”, but I have to admit that I agree with who you said had the better mentality towards their reality. I like how informed you are about Malcolm, he was actually one of my favorite leaders. However I could not help but notice that although Martin Luther King was infamous for his passive stance towards his view points, he began to become more militant towards the end of his career/life. In comparison to Malcolm, I know you noticed how militant he became towards the end of his career/life which ultimately resulted in his assassination. “But not only that, we’ve got to strengthen black institutions. I call upon you to take your money out of the banks downtown and deposit your money in Tri-State Bank. We want a “bank-in” movement in Memphis. Go by the savings and loan association.” This quote is what made me believe that they finally saw him as a threat and that he began to see the bigger picture in a new light. Although we remember him for his passive characteristics, do you really believe that he indeed was always truly passive or that he could have been that way only to gain followers to then show them the real message? I believe we didn’t get a chance to see the real Martin Luther King Jr. They took him from us once they realized he was ready to make some real changes rather than march around and “turn the other cheek.” Taking all this into consideration, how could we really know who had the better mentality towards their reality ?


    1. XScripted says:

      I never believed he was always truly passive, because if that was the case there would have never been a need to have him killed. He just adapted with his movement. Like you said, he began to see the bigger picture. I do believe early on he thought he could achieve his goals without having to have that agitator and militant mindset. You can only scream peace for so long before you realize the war around you is only getting worst. There is no way to know who had the better mentality before they met their ends. We can say that from the beginning Malcolm saw Amerikkka for what it was from the start. Martin took a little longer to get there, but I do believe those two would have starting moving together as one at some point. It’s just too bad we never really got to see it.


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